International events

Join our international gatherings and yearly international business retreat.


International Retreats

October 19-23, 2022

International Business Retreat: Mindful Money

We will gather together at the European Institute for Applied Buddhism (EIAB) in Waldbröl/Germany for our 3rd annual English-speaking (international) retreat from the Network for Mindful Business.Registration at EIAB is now open.


April 26-30, 2023

International Business Retreat: Mindfulness and compassion in organizations and companies


We will explore — through actual group practice in the retreat community — methods and practices for building mindfulness in collectives.



March 21, 2022

Impulse Evening: Living Dharma @ Work


May 10, 2022

Impulse Evening: Relationship @ Work


Regular recitations of the Mindful Business Commitment (pdf)

Online in the morning: 7.45 -8-45 am (CET)

March 7, 2022: The First Field of Practice: Anchoring my personal practice

May 2,2022: The Second Field of Practice: Practicing mindful economic thinking and engagement

July 4, 2022: The Third Field of Practice: Practicing mindful work

September 5, 2022: The Fourth Field of Practice: Practicing mindful consumption

November 7, 2022: The Fifth Field of Practice: Practicing mindful stewardship of money and resources

January 2, 2023: The Sixth Field of Practice: Acting mindfully in groups and organisations


Public Walking Meditation

November 26, 2022, Public Walking Meditation of the Network for Mindful Business in many cities