Public Walking Meditation of the Network for Mindful Business in many cities
Datum: 26.11.2022


Public Walking Meditation


On Saturday, November 26th, regional and initiative groups of the network invite you to a joint walking meditation.

So far sixteen cities have joined:

Basel (Switzerland)

Berlin (Germany)

Cologne (Germany)

Florence (Italy)

Francfort (Germany)

Freiburg i.B (Germany)

Hannover (Deutschland)

Lake Zurich Region (Switzerland)

Nizza (France)

Posen/Poznan (Poland)

Ravensburg (Germany)

The Hague (Netherlands)

Waldbröl (Deutschland)

Würzburg (Germany)

Wroclaw (Polen)

World Interbeing Sangha (in different places)



 On this day we share the "gift" of our mindful presence with the participants of the walking meditation and the "gift-seeking" people in the inner cities. As we walk, an atmosphere of peace and appreciation should arise in which we consciously strive to judge, think or comment less and send wholesome energy to everyone and to the world. We way touch the insight, that we already have enough and don’t have to fight for more possession or consumption possibilities.

Peace is a concrete state of mind we can cultivate. The Buddha taught that practicing mindfulness is practicing peace. Walking meditation is an effective way to strengthen our inner peace and to take care of the seeds of war, blame and anger that lie deep in our consciousness. 

Walking together, we aim to send peaceful energy to the world and to look at all people we meet with eyes of compassion. 

We walk for ourselves. We walk for all people suffering from inner and outer wars. And we walk as a continuation of beloved Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh, who taught with each of his steps that peace begins within ourselves.

By walking carefully through the city center, we want to set a silent sign for our inner abundance and against the external symbols of purely material promises of happiness. Our practice in the midst of the consumer hustle and bustle of the run-up to Christmas can help us develop a deeper understanding of what we really want to give to others and to ourselves. Afterwards, in many places, there is a joint exchange with tea and biscuits at the end...

More information or if you want to organize a walking meditation in your city

Walking together is wonderful.

We will update this page to provide more information on cities and meeting points.