Awakening to Interbeing: International Walking Meditation
Datum: 02.12.2023


International Walking Meditation


Inspired by Zen-Master Thich Nhat Hanh (Thây)

This is a happy moment!
We are happy to announce that this year we are expecting 45+ towns in 16+ countries to join our international walk. Last year we walked in 15 towns in France, Poland, Italy, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, so this year our circle is expanding significantly.
We will walk on Saturday, December 2nd at 11 am CET (Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam…) – participating towns outside Europe will walk at 11 a.m of their local time.
For an overview of all participating cities and places please check this page.
The international walking meditations are organised by sanghas in the tradition of Plumvillage, the Order of Interbeing, and regional groups of the Network for Mindful Business (NAW).
We have organised this collective practice in the German speaking world since 2008, walking with topics like "Mindful consumption", "Simple Living", "Peace in myself, peace in the world", "We are the Climate Change" or "Every Euro is a vote".
Here you will soon find some impressions of walking meditations in previous years.

This years's topic: Awakening to Interbeing

Everything that is, arises in mutual dependence. We are vitally connected to everything. We can easily forget this basic insight of the Buddha in everyday life. We are masters at separating and distinguishing. When we experience ourselves as separate, loneliness, conflict and destructive behavior increase.

Thây therefore gave us the term INTERBEING. Looking through the eyes of interbeing reveals our connectedness on all levels of our being and is a deep practice and meditation. 

If we touch interbeing in our everyday life, our view of the world changes, we begin to make friends with everything - and to touch the wonder of life.
More information and some contemplations on Interbeing and Connectedness can be found on our postcard/flyer.

Walking Together

Thây has offered public walking meditations throughout his life, we will walk peacefully and in mindfulness together.
On the 2nd of december 2023 we will connect ourselves deeply with our steps and contemplate together on interbeing in an atmosphere of togetherness and mindfulness.

By walking carefully through our city, we want to set a silent sign for our inner abundance. We are in deep contact with the external symbols of purely material promises of happiness. Our practice amidst the consumer frenzy of the holiday season can help us develop a deeper understanding of what we truly want to give to others and to ourselves, and how we all are interconnected.

After the walk we recommend to organise a joint exchange with tea and cookies...

We look forward to walking together as one peaceful organism.

May all beings be happy!

The organization team sends you warm greetings from Francfort and the European Institute for Applied Buddhism in Waldbröl
With a bow and a smile

Christiane Hütte (Coordinator of international walking meditation, NAW Francfort)
Kai Romhardt (Senior Dharmacharya in the Plum Village tradition and Chair of Network for Mindful Business)
P.S. If you are interested to join and organize a walking meditation in your city, please send an eMail to Kai Romhardt