International activities of NAW: An invitation

von Kai Romhardt

Invitation for international friends to join our network

The following letter has been sent to non-German-speakers, who have shown interest in the activities of NAW (Network for Mindful Business) over the last years.




Dear friends on the path, dear brothers and sisters,

we have met at business retreats in Plum Village (2017, 2019), in other dharma contexts, or at events organized by the Network for Mindful Business (Netzwerk Achtsame Wirtschaft, NAW).

Since 2004 this Network connects dharma practitioners and other friends on the path of mindfulness in business in the German-speaking world. In 2014 we established ourselves as a charity under German law (see our goals).

Several of our members attended the latest Plum VIllage Business Retreat in June 2019. We were moved by the high interest in our work, experience, methods and materials. The ethical foundations we shared as the Mindful Business Commitment resonated with many people.

We therefore decided to take some careful steps toward internationalization (i18n). Internationalization means for us that we will explore ways to share our experiences more widely: organizing retreats and other events in English, translating core materials, and forming an international business sangha that wants to sow seeds of awakening in their home countries.

We have grown organically in the German-Speaking world for 15 years, have established 17 regional groups and we want to develop the NAW internationally in a careful and mindful way — joyfully, not rushing.

We have added an international section to our NAW website, where you can find more information and resources. We would be happy if you explore these pages and share them with others.

We are building an international mailing list for those who are interested in joining us. If you received this email directly, you are on this first (hand-made) version of our mailing list. If you were forwarded this message and want to stay in contact with our movement, simply send an email to Kai Romhardt.

To build our international community, we see personal contact and shared practice as crucial. We will start by:

  • Inviting interested practitioners to Berlin for a Mindful Get-Together (January 24-26, 2020) combining practice, exchange, and enjoying the German capital. —> More information

  • Organizing an International Business Retreat on “Mindfulness and Compassion in Companies and Organizations” in the EIAB (European Institute of Applied Buddhism) in Waldbröl (close to Cologne, Germany) from October 21-25, 2020. —> More information

Please contact us if you are interested in attending those events.

We will also be present at the next 21-Day Retreat in Plum Village, June 1-21, 2020.

In the long run we aim to manifest a platform for sharing experiences and resources across national boundaries. We want to explore opportunities to spin off affinity groups throughout Europe and the world.

We hope that our work and practice will benefit all beings. 


All the best from Berlin, where the golden autumn started.


Jay Kaufmann and Kai Romhardt



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